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on 13 March 2023 about Harvey Norman in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I have spent more than 1,300 in that shop and was looking forward for delivery and installation. Even invited guests to celebrate in the evening my new apartment with new equipment.
At about 12.30 delivery man eventually arrived.
His attitude shocked me from the beginning.
Unsatisfied, rude, impolite – I was confused: what is the problem?
In still manners he worked. Answered rude to a couple of my questions and requests. After 10 min shouted that i have to sign the papers.
I asked his name; answer: Gory!.
Second name; It is non of your business!
So, all my expectations of good day and nice service have crashed, He spoiled my day; ruined my mood. I cancelled the party and left alone with depression.
Is that what Harvey Norman about?
I regret my shopping there. But even that was not over.
At about 5 pm I arrived to Harvey Norman in Blanchardstown to make a complaint and could not find anyone responsible.
One young man walked over looking at me from up to down even being no taller than me.
He pointed at another man. While I was discussing, others were laughing behind.
Shame of you.
I asked him to open fridge but he shouted: I don’t have to!
I begged him but he suddenly intimidated me: I can get it back! I was shocked.
It is not the way customers must be served.
I regret so badly shopping with you that I wish I could undo the time and give you back all your trash

Suggested solution:

Improve your service
Talk to your staff to stop to behave bossy: it is really funny
Give good prices and discounts not just lie aiming extortion
Be nice, polite
Make delivery like celebration: people must be happy with purchase, not regretful.
Talk to your delivery man Gory. Find him by Invoice: 2067300
He must realize that he was wrong.
I just so hate you that cannot express my deepest regret ever; even more than...

Delivery service
Delivery service
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