Hannaford Supermarkets complaint: To go delivery service

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My complaint:

I said no substitutes but they gave me one. They emailed me, but i did not see it in time. But, i had already said no. Then i ordered lettuce. I asked it be a little heavy. I realize they can only do so much, but i expect better! I got this really small head of lettuce that was as light as a feather. Your shoppers are my eyes. They could have called me about the lettuce. I call the 1800 , they said they could nit do anything for me. It wasn’t there problem, it was quality controls problem.

Suggested solution:

Teach your shoppers not to just grab to fill the orders. They need to learn how to pick out fresh fruits and veggies. You might have a quality problem i’m not sure, but you do have a good service problem. They are our eyes and we need to trust they can do the job.

Thank you

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