Hannaford Supermarkets complaint: Expecting more

Complaint from Kathy1 reported on 01 July 2023 about Hannaford Supermarkets

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My complaint:

I ordered a Pokemon themed cake. I am disappointed in how the cake came out. The whole cake looked messy from icing, coloring, writing and border. I requested Happy Birthday Miles in blue. It was written in red and after realizing this mistake, wrote over over the top, instead of fixing it. I’ve gotten other cakes from the store decorated more professionally. I have a comparison photo of what it should have looked like verses what I got. I’m not expecting perfection but for the price of a custom cake I was expecting more. The bakery supervisor should be doing quality checks in the future. Thank you.

Suggested solution:

The custom cake was $36. I would like 1/2 refunded. The cake tasted great but the decoration was poor

Hannaford Supermarkets complaint Expecting more
Hannaford Supermarkets complaint Expecting more
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