Complaint: Hackers 20 Yrs 15000 100% Crashed in 1 Month

on 28 February 2019 about eBay in category Retail Company

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Hold your breath PP too all this is documented I’m broke now class action and others want to help. It’s hard to get a real job with this and no money can’t start my auction back up im ruind, My longtime email was stolen, I could not get control of it. When I move out of the 3510 Horseshoe address my main email was I switched to that address, and still not recovered to this date at the end of 102016 my long time account was crashed and eBay did not help they killed my business of over 20 years. They sent out a MC139 letter. I found out by my customers, they asked if I was ok and what’s going on. Then I read the letter wow, They told everyone I was selling outside ebays parameters and if anyone gets caught buying from me they will be kicked off eBay! Then most All my packages that where shipped, The packages stated coming back and did not come to me heck one customer called and said they were keeping it and starting a complaint that kept the seal press and purchase money, Also during this time eBay kicked off 400 or so items, for of The main email of 20 plus I stopped using due the fact that it keept getting stolen Hacked away This email was not in use by me I stopped using it 092016. And switched jbeselling@gmail was put in place. I also changed my eBay handle from suzees to jerry-Sabrina. I put a chang of address in at post office I have Aol Lifeloc and safe central which should have protected me as well as I started changing the email cozees@aol in August by the end of September it was in full time. It was Hacked away I tried to get it back many times just to have it stolen away, I was selling $180,000 a year by my self. I’m open to ideas?
Forgive me letter im all I have left is a old Ph.

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I don't want to go to court I was my credit cleaned up yea they had the nerve.Money my site restored free listings for life and I still probably would not use them again

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