Gulf Air complaint: Unfair Allocation of bassinet seat

Complaint from @liza reported on 11 September 2023 about Gulf Air

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My complaint:

Myself and my husband were travelling with 3 kids aged 6yrs, 23 months and 1.5 month from London Heathrow to Goa on 22 July 2023.. when I was at checkin counter at Heathrow airport, I requested for a bassinet seat for my 1.5 month old baby, but I was told none are available.. But then they tried and gave me one bassinet seat only from Heathrow to Bahrain and I was told that from Bahrain to Goa there are nine available… when I boarded the Bahrain to Goa flight, to my surprise only 8-10 rows in Front were booked, the rest of the flight was empty.. even then I was not given the bassinet seat… I could see all adults seated at the 2 bassinet seats available… my baby was the only infant travelling on that flight, inspite of this I wasn’t allocated the bassinet seat… when I requested the bassinet seat, the hostess said I have to request the seat few days before my departure date… The staff didn’t help at all. I cannot explain my experience travelling with 2 infants and not being given a single bassinet seat when no one else needed it more than me( plz note: not a single infant other than my baby was on that flight).
My return journey was on 6 September from Goa to London. Heathrow.. so I called customer services on 4th September and requested for a bassinet seat…. They said the request is done and the seat will be allocated during check in… no ation email was sent even on my request…when I went for check in, I was told yet again that no bassinet seats are available from Bahrain to Heathrow and that they didn’t receive any request for it!! I couldn’t imagine travelling with 2 infants and no bassinets yet again!! When I entered the flight, I saw all adults seated at the 3 bassinet seats, so I requested the hostess if they could swap any of the adults so I could use the bassinet seat.. I was so upset and I asked her why they allocated the seats to adults when they knew there was an infant travelling… to this I was told that if any adult paid for the seat it will be allocated to them hence I got to know that a passenger’s need is of no importance to the airline.They will allocate the seat to anyone who will pay for it and let the parent travelling with infants suffer the entire journey… unbelievable… I am not a frequent flier, traveled with Gulf Air for the first time and had a terrible experience…. Will definitely not travel with Gulf air again and will advise the same to parents travelling with kids!!!!

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