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Complaint from @Harika reported on 09 November 2023 about Gulf Air

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My complaint:

I am writing to address some challenges I’ve encountered in the process of seeking assistance regarding my recent booking with Gulf Air.

On October 7, 2023, I urgently needed to change my travel plans for my flight from Chicago ORD to Hyderabad, India, initially scheduled for December 7. I commend the customer care team for swiftly assisting me in making this date change, particularly since the website did not allow me to do so within the first 30 minutes of my booking. However, this positive experience was unfortunately followed by a series of perplexing issues.

Upon needing to cancel my rescheduled flight due to unforeseen work commitments, I encountered difficulties as your website does not provide customers the capability to make changes themselves. I reached out to the customer care center seeking clarification on the refund process and was met with conflicting information from different representatives.
To summarize the amounts involved:

Original Booking Fare: $1071.80 USD
Additional Fare Paid for Date Change: $327 USD
Cancellation Fee: $105 USD

While I understand and accept the $105 cancellation fee, as stated in the terms I reviewed before booking, the concerning aspect is the inconsistency in information regarding the refund of the additional fare of $327 that I paid for the date change. Some representatives stated this amount is non-refundable, while others suggested the contrary.

During a detailed discussion with one representative, she assured me that her manager would send a ation email, and upon my authorization, the cancellation process would proceed with the refund of the additional fare. Unfortunately, I have not received any such email, and my attempts to seek an update have been unsuccessful.

I emailed the team for a resolution and did not receive any kind of response.

Clear communication on the refund process and a resolution to the inconsistencies would greatly contribute to a more positive customer experience.

Suggested solution:

I simply seek a fair resolution – the return of my hard-earned money. As a college student working on campus, every dollar holds significant value for me. I am willing to accept the cancellation charge on my entire booking, as agreed upon. However, the refusal to refund the additional fare, a separate amount from the original ticket, seems unjustifiable. It is disheartening that policies vary among customer representatives, leaving me uncertain. I implore a consistent and reasonable resolution that ensures the return of my funds.

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