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Complaints overview

No answer, no assistance

Complaint from on 09 April 2022 about Grindr in category Social Media

GRINDR started out of nowhere crashing and upon multiple tries to access it, I was regularly kicked out. Immediately on the same day, 21032022, I reached out to GRINDR SUPPORT and kept on asking for news ever day since. The... Read more

Military scam

Complaint from on 25 August 2021 about Grindr in category Social Media

I keep getting younge men texting me out of no where tell me they are in the military and out of the country. Looking for tear relatioship. What one did to me before I knew it wasn’t real was be... Read more


Complaint from on 24 June 2021 about Grindr in category Social Media

I'm sorry but you're shit when it comes to do anything. You go straight no signal regardless. I'm not impressed. You should be closed down. Why oh why is this app so unable to send and do other things???... Read more

Unban my account ASAP!

Complaint from on 08 June 2021 about Grindr in category Social Media

I woke up Sunday morning and realized that my account was banned again for an unknown reason. I have kept all the grinder rules and regulations religiously and review them to myself once a week. I'm asking for your help to... Read more

Banned Account

Complaint from on 04 June 2021 about Grindr in category Social Media

I am really upset with Grindr Customer services after appealing time after time just to get the message that they can't resolved the problem without any valid reason violating guidelines that's all they say .I spoke to a... Read more