Green Dot Bank complaint: Walmart Money Card

Complaint from Lisa75751 reported on 29 October 2023 about Green Dot Bank

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My complaint:

I have had a Walmart money card for 10 years . My paychecks have always been deposited on it and for the last three years, my disability checks from social security have been as well, On Friday, October 20, 2023 , my SSI in the amount of $1019.00 was deposited. I went to log onto my account through the Walmart Money Card app and could not access my account. I clicked the help button and it said my email and phone number was not correct. I called the number on the back of my card, and it said my balance was only $438, not the $938 it should have been , as my account was overdrawn before the deposit should have hit. I spoke with a representative and discovered my account had been hacked, all my information including my email and phone number had been changed and $500 had been transferred out of my account, The account was closed and a dispute for the $500 was entered. I was told a refund check for the balance, $438, would be mailed to me. I then informed them that I had moved a few weeks ago from Texas to Washington and told them my new address. I was sent an email requesting documents I needed to provide to receive my refund check. I sent the information in, copy of my Texas DL front and back , ation from the USPO of my address change and a piece of mail that had been forwarded, and waited until Tuesday to check on it, after receiving no response. I was told the documents weren’t valid. I then told them to just sent it to my old address and it would be forwarded to me here in Washington . Another refund request was entered and when I received the email , it was again asking for information for my new address. I had explained to them, I moved to Washington to help with my grandkids while my Navy daughter is on deployment . Nothing is in my name. I have only been here a few weeks. I sent them a letter from the hospital here and a copy of a letter from Human Services in Texas that has been forwarded here. Now when I call, no one can tell me anything, or I am put on hold for 30 minutes and no one ever answers, or I am disconnected.

Suggested solution:

I want my money , all $938 .

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