Complaint: Unauthorized Charges, Made in store while Im in CO

on 29 July 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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Almost a year ago i disputed charges totalling about $200 that were made in San Francisco at actual places, not home to online hub like Poshmark or Netflix. I live in Colorado and was furious! But knowingly they were not mine i didnt wirry too much, how coyld the funds not be recovered by an fdic insured bank?
As GD asked i thoroughly addressed each charge and why it was bogus, assured if anything was out of the ordinary theyd see that and grant me the returned funds. And quickly. Took a month to receive a letter (the app now has no way to address and also track disputes like before- of course) in the mail when i called several times and was told someone woyld return my call. The letter stated they found no unusual activity or any reason to grant my disputes! I only kept GD for cashback and now my year is up and my Cash Back is nowhere to redeem or see record of in my account on the app. Cant even sign up for the 5% cashback if i wanted though im loyal and my account is in good standing disgusted

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Grant each disputed charge unless it looks to be a recurring charge, one at typical vendors and certainly out of state charges when i can verify i was never in CA at all let aline during that time- if theyd even ask questionsm They continually blew me off and i lost hard earned money. 3 months ago my card was stilen, lost $350. into dispute as far as filing i suspected unless i stalk and rant and rave i get nothing no reply mail or telephone- and now its like my cashback disappeared and my hopes arent high. Ive list $550 this year. The $107 cashback wouldve covered under 15 the loss

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