Complaint: Refuse to send me replacement card

on 11 October 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have been waiting weeks to receive my replacement card, after my current card expired on 93020.
I ordered it 92220.
It is now 101120 and still have no card.
When I ask where it is, customer service ( in India )tell me to wait 2 more days.
I call every single day, and they keep telling me to wait 2 more days, over over.
I have no access to my money, and have been evicted from my new apartment that I just moved into on 9120.
My car insurance has been cancelled, I have zero money for food, can’t pay for new apartment, can’t move my furniture out of current apartment and can’t pay for storage.
My life is being ruined because nobody from Green dot will simply expedite me a new card.
I will be forced to call the FBI the FDIC on 101320, which I know will not help me get my money.
Green dot claims they cannot overnight Express ship me a new card they claim they cannot just wire my money to another private bank account if I open one.
They claim they are a bank and do billions of dollars of business a year, but somehow don’t have the ability to Express or rush ship me a new card.
They claim the last card they sent me was sent regular US mail, yet every single time I call the customer service person tells me a different day that it was mailed to me on a different day of expected delivery. EVERY SINGLE TIME they give me different dates for both.
If it was sent regular mail there is no tracking number, then Green Dot has absolutely no idea where it would be after it was mailed….yet they keep telling me I should receive it in 2 days.
If I call right back 2 minutes later, the next customer service person tells me something completely different.
Over over I call and they tell me different dates than the person I just talked to before.
This is completely unacceptable is fraud as far as I am concerned.
I am being lied to over over again with zero efforts to help me get a new card or access to my money.

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Suggested solution:

They only reasonable way to solve this problem is for them to overnight ship me another card with a tracking number....which they won't do.
I could not be angrier over this situation.

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