Complaint: Refusal to close an account I didn’t know I had open..

on 30 November 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I discovered I had a green dot bank account that was negative $105.00 when I opened my email this morning and found an annual account report waiting for me. I have never used a green dot account, i have never added money to one and I have never taken money from one. Further research led me to discover there is a $5.00 monthly charge for the account to be open,( an account I never knew I had). That means for the last 21 months they have been charging me $5.00 every month with out me even being aware. So I call customer service and the first thing I hear after typing in my info is that a personalized card I never got was returned to green dot and that I was being transfered to someone to verify my shipping address. After waiting on hold for over 45 min I finally got to talk to someone. The person I talked to I could barely understand but after some trial and error I was able to interpret that the only way to close the account was to pay the negative balance Wich was procured by green dot actively putting my account in the negative $5.00 at a time, one month at a time. So when I asked to speak to his supervisor manager I was told he didn’t have one and then there was silence. The individual had abruptly ended my call with out warning and with out helping me or giving me any other information other than that I had to pay green dot $105.00 for this bogus monthly fee. Sorta sounds like virtual strong arming holding an account ransom to me. Leaving a negative account hanging over my head that will continue to procure debt($5.00 at a time) until I pay them the money that they want. Sounds pretty illegal to me. And forget about the fine print, this is just morally wrong and I hope something is done to Green Dot so this doesn’t happen ever again to anyone else. I will not pay Green Dot a dime!!!!

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Close my account.

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