Complaint: Locked out of account now cant get money and homeless and hungry

on 20 May 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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Green dot has made it impossible to unlock my account which they locked due to suspicious activity. Well before I get to far into this shouldn’t they have put a hold on the account until they personally talked to me? You would think that would be the most logical thing to do. Oh no not Green dot they want to make you suffer they are the bottom of the cess pool of primordial ooze the lowest worthless poor excuse sorry sacks of u know that white stuff on top of chicken poo yeah it’s still chicken poo rat bastards that need nothing other than to be removed from existence. I have tried to reach a live representative even tried the website which I got the same damn thing nothing hung up on by an automated message. Never once did it offer help maybe im handicapped maybe I have some sort of issue but what do they care all they worry about is raping the every day tom dick and Harry with a broken broomstick and no vaseline running up a hill backwards of the hard earned money we worked for. Its always a little bit missing here stuff dont add up there its your fault here no refunds there and all the while they are squandering your money my money the peoples money while they jerk you around while probably playing pocket pool with the douche bag in the next booth. There is no option for being fed the fruck up with the run around you constantly get no option of we will call you nack leave a name and number and when i tried to even report them sorry no good dirty bastards to their own fraud line i get to the end of the message and it frucking hangs up on me. Why the he’ll did they do that they tell me to call the number on the back of rhe card I ccall it they tell me to go to the website I go there and it tells me guess what yep call the frucking bullshot ask automated were furcking u in the ask with a ginormous dildo while watching you go into a stupor bc you are losing everything bc these sorry askholes cant pull the dick out their mouth and get off their knees to try to help you. These panty waist sorry excuse of a company need to be hung drug through the states all of them one by one and let us people show them our gratitude that we feel towards them I can guarantee you they wont make it out alive in less than 2 mins in the first steps of their journey. For too damn long they have been stealing raping us if what is rightfully ours its about time they got a taste of their own medicine. Have you ever had to tell your young child after working two jobs barely scraping by just enough scraps to keep the sunk in from showing on your face in your soul that we have no where to go the money that I had for rent is gone and we just lost our every thing. Why is that bc of nasty sum of the universe shir for brains companies like green dot who get away with it over and over and over again and why is that why are they still able to continuously relieve us the people Take away what we hold dear and work our fingers to the bone for our families our lives our sanity our money. It aint right and I wish Oh man I wish I was that one person who could shut them down drag them out infront of god and everybody and let them face the ones they so called helped and gave them opportunities. The only thing they helped was lining the money hungry greedy gold filled pockets of the lies and bullshot they stand for. I want my money I shouldnt have to search for hours months years just to find a way to complain to try to get my voice heard. I want whats mine what is owed to me and I want it now you took it just like that well put that shot back Where you got it from just like that.

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Gimme my frucking money plain and simple

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Green Dot Bank

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