Green Dot Bank complaint: Have not received check for refund case 42716548

on 03 September 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

My husband accidentally bought a prepaid visa card instead of loading his current card with 100.00 cash I spoke with rep on August 7 2020 and they took my information and gave me an email [email protected] with image of receipt for proof of purchase load. They said would take 5 to 10 business days here it is almost a month later and still no 100.00. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve called several times with people who barely speak English that just put you on hold and never come back on the line. Infuriating indeed.

Suggested solution:

Send my dam check with my refund

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Boris Roston
Boris Roston (@guest_2650)
2 years ago

I went to Walmart and Kansas City Missouri and purchase a Walmart gift card and loaded $500 cash on the card on January 19th January the 20th my balance was stole overnight and I am still getting the runaround on this case I finally sent my card information off to the corporate office 2 days ago they told me they would get back with me and I have not heard anything from them back yet for me $500 is a lot of money to be on hold I wish I could resolve this case ASAP I never buy another Walmart… Read more »

Linda Ellison
Linda Ellison (@guest_4715)
1 year ago
Reply to  Boris Roston

I am having trouble with them right now for the same amount and they just act like they don’t care. They act like money grows on trees. I bought a faulty card and couldn’t register it or use it online and the guy i spoke to said they will close the account and send my money back. I still havent received it and i called 5 times and got the run around. One lady told me to spend the money on it because the don’t give refunds. The card don’t work so how can i spend the money and when… Read more »

Zane Gregg
Zane Gregg (@guest_6578)
8 days ago
Reply to  Boris Roston

I’m goin thru it right now, it happened to me month ago, I called and said I need to cancel out my card and get a refund, the first guy I talked to, always interrupted me, couldnt understand him, he asked for my name and address to send refund check, gave it to him, I asked him to repeat my address, he told me I’m,sorry I all ready sent it thru, I told him I cant understand you, I need u to repeat my address, he told me to hang on, bout 3 minutes later he comes back and twlls… Read more »

Debbie Thomas
Debbie Thomas (@guest_4775)
1 year ago

I’ve had the exact problem!! It was a gft to my grandson for Christmas. I’m not a happy or satisfied customer!!

moehacky (@guest_5473)
6 months ago

Well its nice to see all the people who have been ripped off for the same purchase! Add me to the ranks of people who got fucked! I am supposed to be getting a call today for a lawyer who might be able to do something about it..Its not RIGHT! I have no patients when calling GO2bank customer service. It is impossible to understand what they are speaking! You know what? Why don’t GO2bank find some people who know the fucking language!!
Thank you for your posts! I appreciate it..

Tisa (@guest_6037)
2 months ago

omg go2bank is the worst! Same thing happened with me and I have yet received my refund check. Did you ever receive yours?

Gui Phil
Gui Phil (@guest_6055)
2 months ago
Reply to  Tisa

Same thing here.. scam fucking SCAM and know they say there was no funds and register my card in another id.