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on 30 May 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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I ordered a greendot money cash back card, in which I have had for sometime, I ordered online,decided to have money sent to the card.thinking after I set the acct up online that I would be able to receive my money…..well guess what….it didn’t go according to plans.greendot rejected my card in which money where sent that acct.After that I called them waited on hold for about 45
Minutes….in which a customer service representative came to the phone I then explained my situation….In which he was not helpful at all. He told me that I couldn’t speak with a supervisor.nor could he assist me with my problem….and told me that my acct didn’t after that my family told me to call them back….in which I did,still no results…the representatives I spoke with told me to cut the green dot cash back card up…so I asked why they told me because its no good..mind you it didn’t expire until 1123….I then said can I speak with a supervisor, I have been on hold for about 2hrs in which the supervisor, came to the phone and he was of no assistance either I feel as though they should be reported for treating there customers like trash….they also where telling me that they couldn’t hear and they’re must be bad reception on the other end of the phone…..In which was very unprofessional….I feel as though they should be reported no one deserves this treatment at all.people are suffering bad enough do this pandemic…..let alone people are dieing from this….I’m very disturbed want nothing else to do with them…..they shouldn’t be in business.

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I have know Idea but I\'m very dissapointed want nothing Else to do with them

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Green Dot Bank

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