Complaint: Fraudulent Charges

on 27 June 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I was charged over 800 dollars overnight, there were literally 51 transactions ranging from $4.99 to $49.99. I’m not sure how they didn’t notice all these transaction taking place within a 24 hour period but a regular bank would’ve probably put a stop to it after the first few transactions just to be on the safe side. They had me physically write down every transaction, the name of the vendor, the date and the amount and send in a letter of explanation. About 15 business days go by, I called in and the CS representative said they’re fraud department denied my claim and that those charges were deemed legit….. REALLY? 51 transactions overnight from the same vendor? Wow…. it’s been a nightmare ever since. When I call, they hang up on me because nobody wants to explain how they came up with that conclusion or the CS team get so frustrated about having to deal with something so complex, they’d rather pretend they can’t hear you and hang up or transfer you to another department…. or my personal favorite, we’re going to have one of our supervisors call you within 24 hours. Had this been a normal bank, it would’ve been dealt with accordingly and or they would’ve stopped payment immediately after noticing something completely off by these small but consistent transactions taking place overnight.

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They should’ve let me know who did the private investigation or let me assist by contacting the vendor and they should’ve realized these 51 transactions within a 24 hour period were completely fraudulent and returned my money... it’s not like it was 10 or 20 dollars here... we’re talking about hundreds , several

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Ashley (@guest_1281)
3 days ago

I had 500dollars in my green dot account and when I checked my money disappear into thin air and I called the customer service the agent hung up on me how rude….. I’m not going to do business with them anymore