Complaint: Declining my card

on 29 August 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

Start from the beginning:, I bought the pre-paid card to use online, the same day. Declined, due to no name on new card. A few days later having received a new card with my name attempted to purchase item it was declined, several times using different payment choices. Customer service agent told me I was using it in an old account try again in an hour they would fix it. Declined again, again, again, etc. After several days and many calls to C.Service and the many of failed attempts by myself to log in to a new account to match my new card with, my patients had reached its limits. Told C. S. agent to hand deliver my money. My account has been closed due to no balance?

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Complaint cont.- Now, I'm being told of declines due to unusual activity. How can it be unusual not ever used? Anyway, why is it your call to claim unusual to something I want. This is a pre- paid card and there should not even have a C.S. agent! So then, in the attempt to get my money back I tell the agent to hand deliver money to me. In the following weeks I see that balance can be mailed so I call only to find my account has been closed due to NO BALANCE!? Have a good day sir. Wwwhat?! CLOSED? NO BALANCE? WTF!? WHAT I WANT: BAL. OF $24.00, $4.00 FEE, $1.95 COST OF CARD, $300.00 in aggreivation fee

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