Complaint: Account canceled without any notification, Unable to access my money.

on 28 May 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have had a green dot prepaid card for over 2 years. When I signed into my online account I was told my card was on hold until I provided identifying information. After providing said information, there was a note saying thank you for the information, you can now access your account. The next day I signed into my mobile banking app, with a notice stating your account has been closed, sign in on a desktop or laptop…. When I signed into my online account, I noticed all of the money that was in my vault had been transfered from the vault to my card balance(I didn’t do that) and apparently I no longer have access to my vault, or any other services on the account. I spent 5 hours today trying to reach a real person to speak with. Kept getting hung up on because my account doesn’t exist and I’m not aloud to bank with this bank anymore………. well where is my money??? I can see it on my card balance!!! I tried taking cash out at an atm… nope…. atm said contact card issuer… I CANNOT REACH MY CARD ISSUER BECAUSE THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT AND NOW I HAVE NO ACCESS TO MY MONEY.

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If green dot bank wants to close my account, fine. Send me a notice and a check. If there is a problem, contact me. If it is a technical glitch.... Let me know so I'm not stressing my brains out wondering if there is some kind of fraud going on!!!! Every penny I have to my name is on this card. And now I have no access to it at all!!!!! I NEED TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN NOT A RECORDED ROBOT WHO HANGS UP ON ME.

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