Getaround complaint: Overcharged and breach of financial agreement

Complaint from Macanac reported on 24 November 2023 about Getaround

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My complaint:

I have a few issues with my flat tire. For one, having a flat tire, nobody likes to have a flat tire and nobody ever does it on purpose.
This leads me to my most important question, why on Earth do I spend all of that extra money on full coverage and roadside assistance to have my whole day ruined over a flat tire. I’m not sure if you’re aware but it is Christmas time so working is imperative I lost five hours of work because of this even though the owner called you and requested you find me in a different rental. I have a family.
Another thought, FULL coverage as explained under your policies is for this particular purpose, I can’t pay for something I don’t receive it’s simply not right. If this is how it is going to be and I must pay your not only for the rental, and the flat tire and the punishment for getting a flat tire by being deactivated and therefore, being deactivated on my only job I have because it was an Uber rental. I think it is completely fair for me to want and ask for every single payment I have ever made to you to have “extended coverage” seems fair to me. I do not see anything in your fine print that states I would not be entitled for a full refund for something like that additionally I do not see anything in your fine print that says if you tow my vehicle because of a flat tire (that I purchased the extra insurance for mind you) I’m not able to fill it up prior to the tow. Why would I be charged the regular fee@ $9 gallon. Prior to my return I had intended on filling the tank. So my grievance is not with the customer service agent, they, were as usual amazing. My issue is with a simple flat tire.
If you take a look at my file and see how much money I have spent using your platform I would have thought you would be more inclined to work with me and find a better resolution so I wouldn’t have to be writing these letters I’m not sure if I’m the only one that gets completely wrong for lack of a better word the short end of the stick because you’ve become money hungry I understand running a business is important but there’s also extenuating circumstances that do not fit into company policy the list of cons as far outweighing the list of pros. On this note, I would like to speak to somebody who can answer my question. And perhaps authorize a refund of the current and prior extended coverage I have paid that includes roadside assistance.
I will tell you exactly what I did I had a flat tire I immediately informed the owner he suggested I give you folks a call because I have full coverage..
Mind you I still have almost 5 hours of a rental fee already paid on my account for that car I had two set of rental affairs to go to the airport you cost me so much money and you don’t care this is not the first time so I’m going to take my complaint to the FTC the better Business bureau as well as the local chamber of commerce which you operate out of here in Sacramento I have a lot of weight over there and hopefully I can get your license suspended so you can no longer operate in the city of Sacramento I told you over and over and over again I have I got a very large very successful travel platform I have made get around what it is simply by putting you on my page in Sacramento it’s unfortunate that this is turned into what I have to do apparently because of the CFO seemingly does not want to return my phone call and go through my receipts as he stated he would so I’m going to go ahead and pull the trigger on all of that stuff today I was just letting you know see you would not be blindsided.
Joslynn Smathers

Suggested solution:

I want you to receive all of my current and prayer payments from having extended coverage and roadside you as the consumer have to pay additionally out of pocket although you have full coverage they still charge you it's not right and I want all of my money back.

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