Frigidaire complaint: Humidifier Defective Compressor – EC CODE

Complaint from LAC Albany reported on 07 November 2023 about Frigidaire

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My complaint:

I purchased an FFAD5033W1 dehumidifier in 2021 and it worked great for 10 months and then the EC error code popped up. Frigidaire replaced the unit free of charge ly. The second unit was installed on 9/27/22. Again within a year, EC code. Unfortunately for me, I did not contact them until October 2023, which was outside the one-year warranty period. They suggested getting it repaired locally, but no more free units even though same customer, same issue. Turns out that the EC code is a condenser issue and is not repairable. So basically, tough luck for me. I did a little research and turns out that this is a common problem with their dehumidifiers. And from all the numerous customer complaints, Frigidaire is well aware of this issue and continues to utilize the defective compressor in their manufacturing. I’m utterly disgusted and disappointed with Frigidaire not being a company that stands behind its products and I refuse to purchase anything made by them. I have never ever written a complaint, but felt that all consumers should be aware of this.

Suggested solution:

Ideally, they would generate a recall for units sold with this defective compressor and send replacement units with a different and quality-tested compressor. Personally, I would like a different model dehumidifier sent to me at no charge.

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