Complaint: Joe Buck and Troy Aikmen disrespecting military flyover

on 20 October 2020 about Fox Sports in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

As a 20 year Air Force pilot and veteran, I am totally offended by the commentary of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman after a flyover during the Tampa Bay vs Green Bay game. They may not have realized that they were hot mic but their true colors came out and this is not acceptable. Most people feel that a flyover is patriotic and obviously, these two do not. That’s a lot of jet fuel for just to do a flyover…thats YOUR hard-earned money and your taxpayers dollars at work. Just so Mr. Buck and Mr. Aikmen know it, the flyovers do not cost the taxpayers a single dime. The flyovers are done in conjunction with local training sorties that the pilots have to fly anyways. Not only did they disrespect our military but they blatantly disrespected our current President and his military. They also showed their true political feelings by saying this that not happening on a Kamala-Biden ticket partner. This type of commentary is totally unacceptable.

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Suggested solution:

You should fire or suspend these two announcers. How unpatriotic, disrespectful and politically bias were their remarks. I think they should be fired, suspended, or at least they should issue a public apology the next time they are on the air. Don't let them apologize on Twitter or some social media. Make them do it on national TV in the same environment that they made their original statement. Do it at the start of the next day that they announce!!!

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