Fox Sports complaint: Colin Cowherd advocates the use of vulgar language by a QB against his coach

on 21 October 2022 about Fox Sports in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Colin Cow-Herd on his radio Fox TV show today advocated and defended the use of foul and inappropriate language by Arizona QB Kylar Murray on Thursday Night Football. Constantly referring to (Studio) basketball to justify his limited viewpoints, Cow-Herd repeatedly justified the use of filthy language in front of national television. He not only justified the use of foul language, he called for more frequent displays of vulgar language by pro football players because pro basketball players routinely do it. Fox sports can’t limit the public’s exposure to Cow-Herd more than you do other than limit him to 9am California radio. The rest of the nation funds him to be a blithering idiot.

Suggested solution:

Limit Cow-Herd

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