FoodMaxx complaint: Rude worker at the self chu

Complaint from Gnavylh reported on 08 June 2023 about FoodMaxx

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My complaint:

A last at the self checkout, her ethnicity was African American . She was rude and unruly. She was on the phone talking away , I’m an instacart worker . I had 10 items each for two orders. While she was talking in the phone it was almost my turn at the checkout mind you the line is really long . She yelled across the store in a loud voice demanding I go to checkout in The other lane because I had more than 15 items, I tried to explain to her it was two orders , I had my brother with me and explained what if he took the 10 items and went to a different kiosk But she continued to talk on the phone and say in a rude loud voice, it kinda embarrassed me.

Suggested solution:

Don’t have their employees be on the phone and speak to people with respect!!

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