FireKirin complaint: Robbed

Complaint from Jrpena830 reported on 14 February 2024 about FireKirin

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My complaint:

I hit 1160 off of 580 so doubled it and cashed out half my original investment and then took out the second half bc I thought of an idea to put it back in game to get a good bonus right well I got one 580 refunded and then re put that 580 in game getting 640 and played it and lost but I relized to late that I never recieved my second 580 and was denied when requested so now I’m broke bc they redeemed second 580.00 but I never received it so I put the original 580 back in and lost so now I’m broke for 2 weeks till payday need help please… ACCOUNT jesusp977 I even saw the traanactions and sure enough I never received one of my 580.00

Suggested solution:

Refund me or accept my request for the 580 I never received

FireKirin complaint Robbed
FireKirin complaint Robbed
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