Fidelity Investments complaint: Fidelity investment is very dishonest

on 19 May 2023 about Fidelity Investments in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

I have had if not the worst experience of my life dealing with Fidelity investment for the past few months. Fidelity investment managers and representatives almost cost $11,000 in lost. I have been trying to recover a check for months.

I previously spoke to the representative who was supposed to send the check to my home but never sent me the check and never made notes in the system that I called fidelity to request the check. Since I never received the check, and I didn’t call about the check for another few months, Fidelity assumed that it was abandoned property. On May 17th I spoke to David who informed me that the check was seized by the government which was a shock a total news to me. I was never contacted through email, phone call or anything to let me know that the check was still out there. On May 17, 2023, David, the manager told me he would have the money wired to my account. I provided David with my account number and routing number, and he told me I would receive the money within 24-48 hours. David also provided me with a ation number W006888-17may2023, He mentioned to me if I do not receive the money to call again provide the reference number, they would be able to help me.

Fast forward 48 hours later, On May 19th, 2023, I did not receive the money then I proceeded to call Fidelity then I was able to speak with another manager names Colton who refused to provide his employee number, his last name or any other information pertaining to him being an employee of fidelity. Colton admitted that David gave me the wrong information, David lied to me. The money transfer was rejected yet I never received a call, email, or anything from fidelity to let me know that the wire did not go through. Had I not called fidelity again, I would’ve never found out that the transfer was rejected I would be waiting for nothing at this point.

Colton was very nonchalant, uncaring about the situation. He was more concerned about what Fidelity is unable to do rather than offering a solution. He gave me the same option at least 2-3 previous fidelity agent have given me which was sending a check to my house in which i never received. I can go on and on, but I know my email or comment will totally go unnoticed. I have to say I am very dissatisfied with the service at fidelity especially Colton. I will go and start another retirement investment with another company with better and more honest representatives and managers.

Suggested solution:

To give me my money back in a timely manner and stop giving false information to clients

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