Family Dollar complaint: We want to keep Nancy as store manager at the Milton wva family dollar

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My complaint:

The citizens of Milton west Virginia and the customers use use the Milton west Virginia family dollar want to keep Nancy as the manager of this store. It is rumored that she may be leaving or going to another store. We do nor want her to leave. The corporate needs to keep her here in the Milton store. Nancy treats her customer like gold and she insist her employees take good care of the customers and be polite helpful and courteous. We will do any thing we can to prevent her from leaving because she is a positive part of the Milton community. She is loyal to this corporation and would never say anything negative that is why we are not sure if we are losing her. Please do not take her from us if you do I will take my business to another store. No one will ever care about their customers like she does

Suggested solution:

We want to keep Nancy clarify the rumors if they are false

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