Family Dollar complaint: Unprofessional behavior

Complaint from Debbiemack reported on 18 January 2024 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

I was just threatened and cursed out by one of your associates while the Manager AJ stood by and didn’t say anything. The blonde headed cashier was rude and unprofessional as always. But today was the worst than ever. She threw my change at me, and walked away from the register. She refused to give me my bag the was behind the counter. I even asked the Mgr AJ to pass my bag he said he didn’t have any thing to do what was going on between her and I. The cashier continued to use profanity and displace a threat towards me while in line. Only when the security guard came to the front of the store, and asked what was going on? I said ma’am I’m trying get my bag from behind the counter. That’s when the Manager gave me my bag. As I exited the door and turned around the cashier made several threats to cause bodily harm towards me and my family. The security guard had to literally restrain her. And I got in my vehicle and drove away. This store has always showed a lack of professionalism and I’m not surprised it’s closing due to employee’s stealing. As I witnessed on many occasions with the 3 different blonde headed African American women. Even since announcing the closure of this location. The employee theft is at an all high. Please check on this situation as it was very disturbing and unprofessional.

Suggested solution:

The store is closing the location. However, the manager and cashier should not be transferred to any other location due to their lack of professionalism.

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