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on 18 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I went to family dollar this evening around 1:40 Pm. The lady who work there told they accept only ebt, debit, or exact amount after that she grab my items and scan it then it was 3$ and something, somehow she have to give it my change was 16$ and 88 cent, but she only gave me 16$ and 25 cent, I also didn’t check the receipt so I left the store when I get out of the store I check my receipt after that I went back inside immediately and explain that to them,but the cashier don’t want to give me my change back and she also rude to me. So I decided to return the items because I don’t want anyone tell at at me So I told her take the stuff back and gave me my money and the manager come and take the stuff and give me 3 dollars. But the items Worth more than 3 dollars, so I told her give me all my money back. All she said told me was to get out of the store or she gonna call police. So I told her to call I won’t leave until I got my money (20$) but she didn’t give me, the total cash they give me was 19$ 75cent so 25 cent still missing, so I them to give me my money and please don’t make me want to steal something or do something but she don’t care at all and she said that’s all I got sir just leave from my store then I was like no give me the full amount because I already give u the items after arguing with stupid manager and idiot worker for about 5 minutes manager And than she throw the money to me.. she was very rude and so disrespectful.

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1. All they have to do is ask me sir we don't have change for ur 20$ bill and it's that okay if I give u less change after I check up ur items. 55
1. When I come back for return the item just give me my 20$ back and keep the items that's it. But they don't do this way keep give me 25 cent Everytime 3 minutes arguing with them. They did embrace me front of the people by yelling at leave my store get out my store.
3 what the hell, just because I'm barley can speak English and they treat me his way, oh no they shouldn't do it. Please call me 5127691426. If u think I'm wrong then check the video record they have.

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