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My complaint:

I went to this Family Dollar to return a couple unopened toys. They refused to do so claiming you can only return at the purchasing store. I was shocked and requested to see the policy. They could not provide it. Then they claimed the receipt had expired by too long and they had a 30 day return policy. It’s only been 5 days over and I said ok where’s the return policy on this receipt. She said well it’s online. I didn’t shop online though and they refused to give me a policy but since I said you need to provide it they did so from their corporate website. They were also very rude and asked me to leave and acted as if I was threatening just because I wanted a clarification. The lady’s name tag said Morgan and she claims to have called her boss Peggy.

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Suggested solution:

Their policy should be printed on their receipts to begin with. They shouldn't lie and say you can only return at the purchasing store either. They should return my item and they should be honest and straightforward with their policies. I now know they're dishonest and don't want to shop there and will warn others.

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