Complaint: Racial slur and inequality of treatment

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My complaint:

I ask the person who ask my sister to pull up her mask which she had under her nose once in a while due to breathing problems , why he only ask my sister to pull it up rather than the two gentlemen that pass clearly in front of him. He replied he didnt see him . But then he said he doesnt miss a thing, then he said they’re mask were a little low. I ask him nicely which we both were speaking nicely , who he was ordering my sis to lift her mask he said it didnt matter he was a tall big white man I am Chicano so I said why should I listen to you if I have no idea who you are and suddenly a cashier screamed out ,ARE You done so you can get out of here.i continued with the mystery man saying nicely , all I want is for you to treat everyone equal , surprisingly he replied he didnt have to. And the clerk chanted, MEXICANS THAT WHY THEY NEVER AMOUNT TO NOTHING

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Reprimand by taking classes on discrimination and transfer everyone needs a job

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