Complaint: Racial Profiling

on 09 March 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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To whoem this concerns.I would like to start by saying that I have been a long time customer of Family Dollar,and it pains me greatly to do this but I must bring this to your attention.I live near the Cokey Rd.Family Dollar location.So approximately over the last year give or take,there is a manager who-no matter how much money I spend feels the need to watch,or follow me whenever I go in there.She is a light skinned,mature woman.And although she speaks,she still feels the need to stop whatever she’s doing to peep around corners at me .Not once asking if I need help,mind you so,instead of confronting her,I feel it’s best to inform you.I’m tall,dark,clean cut and I too work for a popular retail chain and am quite appalled at her behavior,seeing as how,as I said before,am a faithful,honest customer.Although we’re both African American,I still feel as though I am being profiled by her because she is the only manager,employee,etc.who does that to me and it just happened again,as recently as this past Saturday morning,3621.I went in to pick up some items,as I passed her doing inventory or something and just like clock work,I see her out of my peripheral vision,looking at me at the other end of the toiletries aisle.Once again,I chose not to confront her and proceeded with my purchase.I’m not sure what her problem is with me,or men in general,seeing as how we do not know each other in a personal ,or professional level but I feel as though this needs to be addressed before it continues.Thank you,Sincerely,Ernest Whitaker.I can be reached at,Whitaker 46@gmail

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Suggested solution:

Perhaps she needs to be retrained in customer service and if she has a personal vendetta against men,maybe retail isn't for her.

Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling
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