Complaint: Poor customer service

on 18 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

There was only one register open an the line was wrap pass by where the soda is kept an you had 2 other employees stocking shelves and the other employee checking every body out by her self she had called serval times for back up but nobody came I stood in line almost 30 min . When the manager came she was on her cell phone talking on the Phone an not once when she got off the phone she didn’t apologize for everyone waiting in line .when it finally reach my time to check out I hand the employee the 50% off coupon for the 10 pack Bic Deuce the regal price was $3.25 so when she went to try to scan my 50% off coupon she said it doesn’t work I tried to tell her how to scan it because I used to work a family dollar as a manager an she didn’t listen to me so when she told the manager that was on duty she said it doesn’t work when she never tried to come over an find out why when you have a whole lot of these coupons on your product why have the coupon if the customers can’t even use them .

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They need to work on helping customers out more if you see or hear that your employee is back up you should come up not avoid the call an apologize for who ever is waiting in line an teach all employees an manager on how to treat an talk to customers and help them an how to handle coupons when customers come with them this is how you make sales you don't make sale if you don't use the coupon.

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