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on 09 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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First when I got to the door it was locked the manger as she claimed to be asked me what did I want and what was it that I was trying to buy before she would unlock the door mind you it wasn’t even 9 o’clock yet so I told her some pampers so she called another employee to come open the door. As I was looking to see did the store even have the size and brand I needed not even two minutes she yelled ma’am are you ready with a heavy attitude now at this point I feel less than a customer so I asked hey ma’am who is the manager she stated she was so I then asked her name because she didn’t have her name tag on, she wouldn’t give it to me so I asked well who is your supervisor her response was you can come speak to him Monday, so by then the other employee who also didn’t have her tag on as well I thought I could ask her the same question, the suppose to be manager said she is not going to answer for you so I said ok, and at this point I’m trying to purchase my merchandise they both told me I couldn’t because of her card reader on her register I asked her could she go to the next register she told me no I can go to another location though so at this point I’m very upset because her service so as I’m trying to leave out the door she called me all kinds of bitches, walking up behind me yelling all out the door and outside telling me go buy some pampers for your daughter b

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She needs to fired because ain’t no way should a manager be calling customers bitches and the other empty needs to be written up

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