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I was in your store on 10202020 checked.oit exactly 16:42. There was 6 customers in front of me and one behind me. The cashier called a couple of times for help. Finally your manger Mattie came to the front and checked out one customer then left. So I walked over to grab one more thing. As I was grabbing that one item the cashier that was checking everyone else called.out 5 times trying to.get help. The manager was walking up so I walked over to the check out that she was at the first time and laid my items down and as she was walking by said to me I will be checking these people out first because I already have told them to come over and she will checked them out.. So I was ok, I just went back over to the other cashier which had three people still in line. As We was standing there she walked by and told the other cashier she was going to back. Not asking anyone else to come and she would check anyone else out. Now by this time she only checked one person out this time also. And people are still lined up. Even another customer that was checking out at that time asked the other cashier what her name was. She gave her the managers name and said that was sad she was not helping check out with the line of customers. At that time I did ask what was this girls position and was told she was the manager. Just wanted you to know not only was she rude to me but also did not help the other checker.

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Fire her!!!!!!

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