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on 11 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I went in to load a total of $240 on my paypal. The cashier accidentally typed in $440 and loaded that. Since there is no way to refund what turned out to be a 5 minute stop turned into over 30 minutes. I told the manager I could run over to the bank and bring back the $200 but NO I could not leave the store with the card. So I had a total of $170 cash on me so we did that. BUT then I had to buy something to pull $25 off. The main manger put in the other $5. BUT because I then had to go to the bank and pull the $200 off for CASH I am out a total of $6.87 (.05 I never got back in change from my original $240 3.95 charge (I gave the clerk $244). Then I had to purchase a candy bar to even make a withdrawal so $1.50 for the candy and then $1.25 cash withdrawal fee. Then to replace my cash on hand I went to the bank and was charged $3.95.
On top of this I was on the way to pick my pre-k granddaughter from school and was late doing that and by the time I go there she was crying that I forgot her.

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I understand about people being thief's but no one offered any help to rectify the situation other than keeping my card or me withdrawing $50 dollars at a time which would have required my purchasing something and the cashing fee. No one offered to even refund that. POOR MANAGEMENT All i wanted to do was go to the bank and get the money off the card AND yes I told them this was bullshit. not my fault the cashier didn't check the amount before she totaled out

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