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on 02 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Store 11241 Black female Yells at customer when coming into store that you must have a mask on our you can’t come in. On Sunday 11292020. Your sign says 6ft apart and its recommended not required. An you can’t force people to wear a mask. People have health issues and so forth that keeps them from wearing them. I to her to stop and keep on going. Got what I need. Got to register and she began again about i have to inform you that you most wear a mask or not be in the store 1st off I have PTSD and with Card in hand and you can’t force me to wear one by law. She stop in her tracks. I was so upset the whole time I was there shaking and I couldn’t even find most of the stuff I went in for. When I got out to my car I broke down in cried. Wasn’t even able to get the key in the switch to start the car after I claimed down. 12120 so since I didn’t get everything last time I tried again the white lady at door was understanding. I asked if manger was there and she was so I was going to speak with her. Well so was the lady from last time. No soon than I get to where I was to speak with her the lady from Sunday yells you have to have a mask on if you are going to be in the store in front of the manager and she does nothing. I replay we had this decision on Sunday and I told you have PTSD and so forth and I don’t have to and you can’t make me by law and I’ve called Matthew NC Corp already on this issue. She said good im glade you did. They both went back to work carring on their conversation laughing and ect. Like nothing ever happen just then.. So I’m all upset again not getting all my things again and leaving the store.

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This issues needs to be handled by her losing her job. And manger should wrote up if not also let go as well or moved down from manger and wrote up because clearly not able to mange employees if that can go one in front of her and nothing said or done. Because this not how people should be treated. I've never had any issues with this manger before this employee started working there. Not sure if this will load but I've got a video not a photo want load. ALSO A WRITTEN FORMAL APOLOGY FROM EACH OF THEM NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN AS WELL THAT EXPLAINS WHY THEY WHERE WRONG AND THAT THEY UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WHERE WRONG FOR WHAT THEY DID. ALONG WITH NOT BEING ABLE TO WORK AT ANY OTHER FAMILY DOLLAR RELATED BUSINESS. THAT THIS CORPORATE OWNS. IF NOT WE CAN GO TV AND SO FORTH ITS ALREAD GOING FACEBOOK. JUST TO LET OTHERS KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT IF GOING IN THAT HAS ISSUES LIKE I DO.

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