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on 07 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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So on Oct. 29 we had an asset protection guy come into the store bc a girl was stealing and he wanted to speak to all of us. But I was already uncomfortable bc he looked identical to my rapist from a few years prior…the minute I saw him I could feel my anxiety as well as Ptsd. It felt like I had been kicked in the gut and I felt as though I would pass out.
As the interview went on, I tried to explain everything to him. But he just kept calling me a liar. I also told him that I had disabilities but he remained aggressive and I just wasn’t comfortable at all. I had a complete breakdown, not to mention that he looked just like the man who had raped me.
He accused me of stealing when I didn’t. I’ve bought all the items I’ve taken from that store and the manager refused any prior knowledge of me using her numbers. But she’s my step-sister and I told her everything! Shoot she use to even ask me for drugs bc I use to hang with a sketchy crowd bk in the day. Ill be honest, I rang myself out 2 times and did 2 returns for myself but I didnt have a choice bc I was the only one with a drawer in on those days. But he said I never brought the merch bk when I did.
That guy had me so confused that he had me convinced that I owed the store 10 dollars. And ever since that day, I’ve been in therapy everyday for my rape and the mental strain that the man put on me when I only did what I was told to do.
And I said that but the manager lied to him so therefore I must be lying!

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I would like store manager Sarah Butler fired as well bc she isn't a good manager. Telling me do things that will get me fired, and asking me for drugs. In the message g's mean gabapentin. And for all the mental strain that asset protection guy put on me...I almost killed myself 2 days ago bc when your doesn't go away...I fell like he shud be fired to. Bc he was not professional by calling me a liar, and telling me to shut up. If I have to my lawyer says I can take this to court.

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