Complaint: Disrespectful “Manager and Sergio”

on 02 January 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

The cashier has 6 people in line , 2 are ahead of me. She is in her personal cell phone talking louder about personal things while ignoring customers while checking them out. TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL AND POOR TRAINING AND NOT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT YOUR JOB. So when it’s my turn I asked to speak to Manager, she claims she is the manager. I asked her why is she talking on her cell and disrespecting customers. She goes off, gets loud, calls to the back fir some goon named Sergio and he comes out and is rude, loud, jumps over the counter and threatens me telling me he’s not selling me anything and to get “ the fk out of his store. I am leaving HIS store, outside in my car and continues telling me to get out of HIS PARKING LOT. I drove off. Once down the street I called police. The verbal abuse and physical threats from your employees is going to be handle criminally and civil. Not sure who hired and trained these two stellar employees but Iam sure my attorney will get to the bottom of. What a disgrace, the cashier was TOTALLY wrong and Sergio was even MORE WRONG. Must be a terrible place to work to treat PAYING customers like that. I am sure you have cameras! SHAME ON FAMILY DOLLAR!

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Suggested solution:

Retrain their employees. Stop hired trash to work for you. People that don’t have self respect don’t show respect to others.

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