Complaint: Confrontational employee

on 15 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

My husband went into the store to get some cat supplies the scooper did not have a price the cashier turned to the the other employee and told her that there was no price on it the other employee which later we found out her name is tiara and she was suppose to be a manager was what we were told so this mngr proceeded to tell the cashier to send my husband to Go to the back to get it which he would have if she was polite about it when it came down for her to get it she started complaining and cursing and threw the scooper on the floor at my husbands my husband proceeded to tell her why is she mad is it because she doesn’t want to do her job so he asked for a manger and was told she is the mngr as I walked in I hear this so called mngr insulting my husband and degrading him by insulting his weight and saying he stinks and so on infront of a full store of customers when I proceeded to tell her to stop insulting him she got in my face so in defending myself we had some exchange of words she got closer to me and that’s when my husband pulled me back and two other gentleman Got in the middle of it trying to defuse the situation but she wouldn’t stop I stopped for a second because one of the men that got in the way was a much older gentleman with a suite on which he looked like a poster but she just kept push and pushing the other one was a young man that was hanging out there the argument continued and this supposively mngr told me that she choked out a hoe like me last week when I told her really she threaten to do it to me my husband is a 500 lb man with chronic illness he doesn’t deserve nor needs to be treated this way by your employee I myself also have chronic I’llness and should not have been put into that situation that ur employee threatens me to choke me out and f me up so I’m threaten of course I get on the defensive point

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Suggested solution:

You should resolve this by furring this person because she kept repeating throughout the whole argument to do her the favor and get her fired she doesnt want to be there so my suggestion is getting rid of her she doesn’t deserve the job she’s only taking up space and blocking anyone else that really needs a job now my question is to you is I would like for you to give me one reason to file a BBB complaint and hire a lawyer to sue the company because of this one rotten apple in all my 30 years in retail I have never seen such unprofessionalism and neither have my husband and I ever gone through something like this and it’s a shame that I love family dallor but now I would not spend not one more cent In your establishment and neither will my family and our friends do since she begged us to put in the complaint cause she doesn’t want to be there she should be let go

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