Family Dollar complaint: Bad Customer service

Complaint from Liz Sanchez reported on 28 October 2023 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

I had a very rude cashier. She didn’t even greet me , she didn’t even ask if I needed any bags . She was too busy chitchatting with her coworker. I asked her if she greeted her customers, and she replied yes always. I said you didn’t greet me , nor did you ask me if I needed a bag. You were too busy talking and didn’t realize I had my own. Totally unprofessional how she argued with me and belittled me when I asked for her information. She declined to give her name . Her coworker also refused to give me her name and dismissed how she treated me , saying she’s nice to all the customers. I asked for corporate’s and he pussyfooted about it . She said he’s not allowed to give my information. Ridiculous. I never been treated so disrespectfully. I work for a reputable establishment and never would treat my customers so foul.

Suggested solution:

Address the employee. Give her a course in customer service.

Bad Customer service
Bad Customer service
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