Facebook complaint: Wrong piece sent

Complaint from Harleygirl reported on 30 April 2021 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I bought a piece off fb live from Desert Queen
Upon receiving it was the wrong piece I reached out to consultant and explained I received wrong piece did she want me to return and get the correct one she replied she did not do returns and that she sent me the correct one I said no I don’t like the bulky look and did not want pearls
She said she has video where I stated what I wanted I said yes it clears says z piece she sent me Regal then said you may buy what you want but no refunds I did not asked for refund nor would I buy from her since she wasn’t try to make it right

Suggested solution:

She should have at least asked and the piece I wanted before making the purchase and send out I buy a lot of paparazzi and never been treated like this and stuck with a piece I’m not gonna use she stated I would never be able to purchase from her again
To begin with if you couldn’t make it right why would I trust her to buy from again the 1st picture is what she sent me holding the 2 Nd with the bigger maniquin is what I asked for also video was removed by the consultant why I don’t know well yeah I do cuz it clearly shows I was in the right but I admit as well I should have snapped a picture as so should have she before sending out and me paying

Facebook complaint Wrong piece sent
Facebook complaint Wrong piece sent
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