Facebook complaint: Account Disabled and Fraudulent Charges by Facebook

Complaint from mlm58 reported on 29 August 2023 about Facebook

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My complaint:

A couple of months ago, FB reached out to me with accusations of violoating their community standards; apparently there were 7 complaints filed on my business account. FB indicated my account would be disabled unless I appealed their decision and uploaded proof of identification. I sent a copy of my drivers license. FB was to update me once the review had been completed. I never heard back from them.

On Saturday, 8/26/23, I discovered my personal and business pages had been disabled. I was completely locked out of FB. I had a friend check to see if they could find my pages and they were completely gone. I found 2 separate email addresses in which to contact FB; I explained the situation and never received a response after sending 4 emails.

On Tuesday, 8/29/23, I discovered several fraudulant debits from my business bank account, in which my business debit card was used, totaling more than $5000.00. My business debit card was attached to my FB business page for the purposes of paying for advertising for my business.

I filed a disuputed charges form with my bank; they are currently investigating. I also filed a police report with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department. They are also investigating.

I want folks to know what happened to me through no fault of my own. It’s impossible to speak to anyone at Facebook. My pages were obvsiously severely compromised and i could get no help whatsoever from Facebook. After everyting that has happened, I will never use Facebook again.

Suggested solution:

I want to speak with a live person - and not an admin or customer service person - I want someone in upper management who can do something about this. I had my business account for 9 years. Nine entire years of ads, which did bring new clients to me. Because of FB's inability to respond to emails or any requests for help, I have lost who knows how much business. I don't believe I will ever trust FB again to attach any payment method to their site.

Facebook complaint Account Disabled and Fraudulent Charges by Facebook
Facebook complaint Account Disabled and Fraudulent Charges by Facebook
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