Everyman Cinemas complaint: Sound failure

Complaint from deAngelis reported on 25 February 2024 about Everyman Cinemas

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My complaint:

First I was kept waiting to buy a ticket for 5 minutes while a staff member was busy chatting and trying to get a stain out of her jumper. It was too early to go into the theatre and the young lady said I would be told when I can enter. I was not told. The music sound in the theatre appeared to come only from the left hand side speakers and was very loud. When the film started, the voice sounds were low and it was difficult to hear what the actors were saying. I went out to the bar at around half time to get a drink. No one there to serve. I mentioned about the low vocal sound and was told by a female member of staff It is so loud, we can hear it out here. Rude! Was then told to go and sit in the front. I declined saying it should not make a difference. Altogether an unpleasant experience.

Suggested solution:

By training your staff how to speak to customers. No good you sending me vouchers as I shall not be returning to Baker Street. You could perhaps refund my ticket.

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