Earn24hoursfx.com complaint: No payment received

on 02 September 2022 about Earn24hoursfx.com in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

A woman introduced me to the site earn24hoursfx.com and shoes me a table of what I could earn in the trade market. She said that she promises all profits are gauranteed and withdrawals would be immediate, all I needed to do was register on the site and make my first deposit to their bank account. Once that was done she introduced me to the trade manager who would handle my trade account and get my profits. He told me to check my trade account and I saw there was a profit of $800, I was very happy, I asked for the money because I cannot withdraw the funds from the site.

The trader said I must deposit another amount of $935.8 in order to upgrade the account and the technology and then I would get all my profit immediately, so I did the transfer and sent my banking details to him. He then told me to view my trading account, profit went up to $20500, I asked for my money he said I can’t get it until I pay another $2457.23 which is release fees for his admin to release my profit. He promised that that would be the last payment and there’s no additional extra costs after that. I was very upset, but ended up paying $2457.23, he I waited saw nothing in my bank account, he begun to ignore my messages as I was demanding my payment. He eventually replied saying he can’t release my profit until I pay another $7368.74 I then knew this was definitely a scam.

Suggested solution:

They should pay me the profit promised or my full amount that I invested in Rand value.

No payment received
No payment received
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