Complaint: Refusal of service

on 13 April 2022 about E-Z Mart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I went to ezmart in Springdale Arkansas on Robinson. I went in and I was waiting in line to get cigarettes and a drink. There was a lady in front of me paying with three different cards. This lady bought cigarettes and the associate didn’t ask her for I’d because she knew her she said. When I got up there I had forgotten my I’d in my truck so I said I will run out and get it and the associate said nope I’m not even gonna bother with you. I said I am going to get my if and she said nope I have other customers. I told her she didn’t ask the lady in front of me for I’d and she said well I know her so I don’t have to ask her. I think that was rude and unfair. I think everyone should be treated equally regardless if you know that person. It has been several times that I have went to ezmart and their has been rude associates. It was always my favorite place to go but I don’t think I will return to ezmart again.

Suggested solution:

They should make everyone wether you k ow them or not show their ids. They should also be more nicer to their customers.

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Kalib Butler
Kalib Butler (@guest_5147)
13 days ago

Report it to the local police. They might send a plain clothes officer in to try to catch them doing this. It’s BIG fines if they get caught. Go for it.