DR Horton complaint: House sale

Complaint from DocH reported on 06 November 2023 about DR Horton

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My complaint:

House sale
I was subject to fraud while buying a house from DR Horton in Magnolia Spring , Charles Town , WV , the sales agent and her team intentionally sold the house 20,000 to 30,000 higher than the average price for all the houses in the same community of similar model and size . The issue an appraisal price that is unrealistic and deceiving . The appraisal report showed the fair house price is 443,000$ and the sold me the house for 441,000 $ however after finalizing the closing I discovered that they sold all similar house of similar model size and level of finish in same time frame with price less than mine by 20,000-30,000$. At the walkthrough before closing I had many requests for items to be addressed before closing non of my requests were appreciated and on the day of closing I was given the house in as is condition without appreciation of my pre move inspections . The level of finding of the house is very poor and after sale customer care is bad .

Suggested solution:

Adjustment of sale price

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