Complaint: wrong order and horrible customer service!

on 22 January 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Last night, on Wednesday January 20th around 9pm I made a call-in order to the Domino’s in Kilgore, TX. I ordered a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and made sure that extra cheese was considered an extra topping as I was building a 3-topping pizza as part of the $5.99 mix and match special I asked and was informed that I could select up to 3 toppings on the Medium pizza as part of this deal. Also cheese bread and cinnamon bread. I’m all the way in Liberty City so I asked If they delivered as far as Country Tavern and the guy that took my order said yes. I stressed the fact that I would like a call when the driver is on his way so that I could meet him there and be on time. So a while later, I got a call from the driver saying, I’m here! I was a little frustrated because I had repeated myself when I said to call when leaving the store. Fortunately, I was only one mile away. As soon as he pulled off, I realized I didn’t get my whole order. The cheese bread was missing. I thought maybe it got accidently left in the driver’s car. So I called and told the employee who answered about my missing cheese bread. This employee, I later learned, was the assistant manager. I do not know his name because he refused to tell it to me. He was very short and rude. He asked me what I wanted him to do about my missing cheese bread. Apparently, there was an discrepency with my order as he did not reflect what I had ordered. The cheese bread was not listed or payed for. I explained to him that I had asked about the number of toppings so should not have been charged extra. The earlier employee told me it was 3 toppings. He repeated my order to me and quoted me a price that I figured to be the cost for 3, 5.999 items. Clearly, there was a misunderstanding or miseducation on the employees end. He should have called me to fix the order instead of removing something and leaving my dinner table short of food and me unable to feed my family. I had hungry kids at home. The worst part of this experience was the manager’s unwillingness to help. I specifically asked him for his name, for some kind of compromise and lastly I asked him if he cared at all how he was representing the company, Domino’s. He respnded and said NO. Not that evening he didn’t. Those were his words. Please listen to the calls. Look into this for the sake of customer satisfaction. Kilgore is a small town but our community deserves humility and courtesy just the same. I’m afraid you have a bad seed here. I generally visit the Tyler, TX location and am afraid I will not be using the closer, Kilgore location for this reason. I am a professional marketing strategist and have practiced customer satisfaction in different fields for over 10 years. I’m not just disgruntled. It is truly still apalling everytime I meet an employee such as him, Mr. NO NAME. Mr. I don’t care. Please re-train or re-hire! Thanks so much for your time and handling of this situation. I look forward to hearing back from someone from your office to follow-up and resolve this matter.

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I would really like to hear that this employee, the assistant manager that is, has been reprimanded or re-trained in how to handle mishaps such as this. He left me feeling very uneasy, unhappy and not to mention, hungry. A company can never go wrong with comp meals or product! It is free branding and the best marketing tool of all, word of mouth. My friends and family and little town will hear about this.

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