Complaint: Unsanitary health practices Not washing hands prior to handling food

on 06 August 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

While waiting for my carryout order which was placed online an employee entered the store carrying two coffees. This employee was wearing a black shirt which is indicative of manager or supervisor status. She put the coffees on the counter and then entered the employee entrance where the food is prepared. She never went to the hand washing station after entering from outside. She put her apron back on and then asked me was I hear to pick up. She asked my name then went to retrieve my pizza. The whole time touching surfaces as she searched and then went to start preparing pizza. None of the employees preparing was wearing gloves. I refused the pizza but decided to ask for another to be made fresh. I needed to proof that I was actually there. The manager that took my complaint was rude and insinuated that I just wanted free pizza. They all engaged in conversation in a foreign language while I waited. I threw the pizza away. No way I felt comfortable eating it and risking getting sick.

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Suggested solution:

Investigate is this was an isolated issue. Train management to reinforce proper sanitary practices. Educate staff about cross contamination. Hire managers willing to assist customers regardless if they are having a bad day. Safety is the priority

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