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Complaint from reported on 08 November 2023 about Dominos Pizza

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My complaint:

i order pizza today from dominos here in omaha.. the connection i guess wasn’t good and the person taking my order said they couldn’t hear very well. the guy said it would be 20mto 25 minutes. that’s not the issue what is the issue is there was a foreign object in on our pizza. it is a corner of some type of bag. secondly the guy said 20 to 25 minutes. we order the pizza and drove up to domino’s a very short drive. when we got there we stood around maybe 10 minutes. so maybe 15 minutes had passed by. they asked me name and i said dave and started to spell it. the who took my order said he couldn’t hear and only heard ve. so they baked my pizza as some as i called. were they trying to 2 cold pizzas that had been in the warmer for half an hour? still the foreign object

Suggested solution:

402 213 9876

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