Complaint: Order worker not washing hands before making my pizza

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My complaint:

I placed my order online stating I wanted two medium pizza with beef and pepperoni
My order said cheese the cell was probably didn’t place the beef and pepperoni I might of made a mistake but in my previous orders it’s the same
I brought my order back because I thought the order was wrong
After big discussion and arguing back and worth
I can make an order and didn’t offer to a discount
He keep saying you want is free pizza

This not true he keep saying call corporate see if they give you free pizza
He said I am wasting his time
He also made a comment saying I don’t work
Which I do work full time and said work two jobs
When I order two pizza I paid full price not using any coupons
They were laughing at me and taking a different language
The girl came from the office to make my pizza she didn’t wSh her hands and asked to wash her hands
Very disgusting and was very disappointed.

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Suggested solution:

They should have given me a discount
Or they could have made my pizza and should be more understanding.
Wash there hands
And wear gloves
They said they don’t need to wear gloves

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