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on 01 July 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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After having ordered and prepaid in effort to resolve fears others might have with the media driven coronavirus, I went to pick up my order. Upon entering I was yelled at because I didn’t have a mask on. Now consider a couple things; if I have a concealed carry license and I enter a business establishment with a mask I’m committing a felony, and secondly what if I have a breathing problem? Do I in turn need to become equally loud and describe my reasons in front of other potential customers as to why I don’t? I believe we both know I’d be refused service even after having paid and after explaining my reasons for not having a mask on for such a brief moment. I believe the county order stated ‘or 6 ft of distance’ for people like myself. Nevertheless, I walked back to grab a mask and as much as I wanted to pull my gun out and ask if she was happy now, I equally felt that’d be wrong too. Upon reentry I was given my order by a much more pleasant woman, and I say that because of her smile. I didn’t think anything of it before I walked away because quite frankly I was still wheeling about being yelled at and I don’t usually complain. Do you see anything wrong with the circumstances? Perhaps I should enter buildings and yell you should started believing in Jesus!

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If you need me to help figure this part out, then you've got bigger issues. Treating customers with respect used to be easy. Enforcing policy upon employees is a prerogative, but I handled my end of the deal with more compassion and understanding than was received and that's not good business practice. I don't aim to get anyone in trouble especially for offering a smile, I really just don't appreciate it when people raise their voices to me; especially when I'm paying.

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